Date February 10 - 11, 2006 / February 18-19, 2006
Curator Pooja Sood

Performance art is a hybrid that combines many media.
While encompassing diverse styles and media, a constantly recurring element in performance art is the body - in its various states of being.

This exhibition sets forth two propositions of performance: the first as seen in the work of Ein Lall and Anusha Lall, a seamless transition between live performance, interactivity and recorded media; the second, as in Sonia Khuranas works, where the ephermereality of the body in performance is captured through recorded media whereby something akin to performance emerges.

Inside : In : Performance February 10th and 11th, 2006 6-9pm
And Turning : 4 channel video installation and performance20 mints.
Image, music, text and performance coalesce to create metaphors of invasion. While footage drawn from a variety of sources juxtapose the fantasies and fictions with the reality of war, the performers' body becomes the site for relentless replays of confrontation and collapse.

Concept and direction - Ein Lall
Video installation - Ein Lall
Choreography & performance - Lee Swee Keong
  - Judiman Hernandez
  - Anusha Lall
Music - Eunice Martins
Camera - Satish Pandey
Edit - Sunil Goswamy
Production   Aparajita Jain

Grateful acknowledgements to Gulammohammed Sheikh for permission to use his digital painting: "Whose World".

Inside In by Anusha Lall, single channel interactive video , 10 mins,
Similarly , Inside In by Anusha Lall, negotiates this fine line between the interior space and the exterior space , between private and public and between viewing and being viewed; as the observer is unexpectedly sucked into the piece, he or she is acutely aware of his or her own altered status in the installation
Video: Anusha Lall
Dancers: Yamuna Devi, Ria Uttridge
Digital Artist: Matsuo Kunhiko

Many Lives February 10th and 11th,,6-9pm and February 18th and 19th,1pm- 9pm 2006.

Many lives by Sonia Khurana, video installations and single channel video .
A set of video installations and single channel video, Many lives is predicated on the idea of the self as a site of phenomenological interaction ; through this, Sonia explores the tension between the different forces: social and cultural, lofty and libidinal. Be it the wrap-around
narratives of large projections of moving, or close-up portraits of personal neurosis and
feminist criticism , the carthartic self-analysis and visceral engagement with viewers are evidence of the direct connection of the performative.

Skin , 4 channel video installation, with sound
Closet , 2 channel video installation,with sound
Flower carrier, single channel video with sound
Sleep, single monitor installation with sound
Laura's song, single channel installation with sound
Tantra, single channel installation, silent
Note: Sunday Feb 19, 06, 2pm onwards, the artist will screen a compilation of performance based videos by other artists.

Venue : Apeejay Media Gallery
Apeejay Techno Park
B II 40,41,42 Mohan Cooperative
Mathura Road , New Delhi 110044
RSVP : Rashmi@23361193 extn 719
E- mail :rgupta@apeejaygroup.com