Our Mission

The Apeejay Media Gallery is a premier forum committed to showcasing high quality, experimental work in new media and emerging technologies from India and abroad.

Our Vision

Space is conquered. Space breaks free.Light captured in walls of glass.With space within and without. The ether, continued. The Media Gallery is 2000 square feet of simple, modern space caught in a glass box. Rigorously abstract, spread across several levels the Gallery is designed to allow for fluidity of expression and movement. The bareness seeks to encourage new ways of looking at the arts, showcasing new media and emerging technologies and furthering artistic debate, providing inspiration and controversy alike.

About Apeejay Media Gallery

In the Gallery, one enters space in an abstract glass box. Space that isn’t defined by the walls that confine it, nor quantified by the square feet it covers. But space that has been designed as an experience of light and texture, function and facility. Where the interplay between outdoors and the indoors is enriched by the use of technology to create a contemporary Media Gallery to showcase new media and emerging technologies and to create an environment that is interactive and inspiring. An environment that through space and technology enlivens the senses and encourages creativity.Apeejay Media Gallery has been designed with unique projection, lighting and exhibition facilities.


The Gallery has glass-hanging cases that can be moved or rotated to any desired location or angle. These glass cases have two glass panes with fixing and hanging arrangements so that any 2-dimensional picture can be safely sandwiched in between and viewed from any angle. The ‘Installation Wall’ is a unique display mechanism, which will house a series of computers to show work that is displayed on computer screens. 

The lighting has been placed on a grid in such a way so that the lights can move along the length and breath of the Gallery and can be rotated to any angle to focus on the desired element.

The building has sand blasted glass and hence images and other projections can be done on either inside or outside. For outdoor performances projections can be made on the outside wall from the outdoors. Seating can be in the Amphitheatre outside and for inside areas, projections can be done from inside.Images come out clear aided by diffused, indirect light from all over. For special effects, provision of spotlights has been made. Natural or diffused lights bathe the gallery. Lights placed on a grid, move along the length and breadth of the gallery and can rotate to any angle. 2-Dimensional pictures can be safely sandwiched between two glass panes and hung or mounted on moveable systems that facilitate viewing from any location or at any angle within the gallery. The sandblasted glass walls of the gallery can be used for image projections from either the inside or the outside. With all these facilities, an amalgam of arts like video, computer, installation, performance, sculpture, photography, painting, theatre, music and dance can find expression here. 
Apeejay Media Gallery has been designed by a panel of eminent architects including Mohan Lal Associates (New Delhi), Hafeez Contractor (Mumbai), Gruentuch & Ernst (Germany).The interiors have been conceptualised by Prakash Mankar Associates (Mumbai). Apeejay Project and Design Team has executed the project. Consultant of the Apeejay Media Gallery is Pooja Sood. She is an independent curator and arts manager based in New Delhi.

Apeejay Press

Apeejay Press is the new publications division of e-books World Private Ltd., owners of India's popular book retail chain, Oxford Bookstores established in 1920. The Apeejay Press is committed to the cause of promoting the best in art and design in India, made accessible through a fresh editorial approach. Through these publications book-lovers will be introduced to the best in publishing coming out of India today. Today, we introduce its first publication Video Art in India. >>

About Apeejay Surrendra Group

Established in 1910, Apeejay Surrendra Group employs over 43000 people in rapidly expanding operations in Tea, Hospitality, Shipping, Real Estate & Retail and has diversified into new business initiatives, Marine Cluster, Logistics & Knowledge Parks. 2010 was the Group’s centenary year.

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